Vividing, We build Interactive Digital Books

At Vividing, we are dedicated to bring you interactive, personalized, mobile first digital books. We are looking for authors and publishers to collaborate and revolutionize the publishing industry.

Our Products


Vividing Activilization is a reliable and scalable platform specially designed for creating the next generation, high quality, interactive, mobile first digital contents that can be mass produced and easily delivered to any devices.

  • Standard Format
    • ePub 3
    • Hybrid App
  • Most popular frameworks
  • Teams can work together on the same content
  • Open system
  • Offline Support
  • Exam & assessment
  • Easy to create Tooltip, Popover, Tab, Slider, Accordion, Carousel etc.

Our Services


At Vividing, we are dedicated to provide outstanding services to create interactive, personalized, mobile first digital book at the most competitive price.

  • Transform books into interactive digital books
  • Professional art work and design
  • Digitalize Assessment
  • Quick and quality results
  • Faster, cheaper, better for your digital writing needs
  • Entrance to digital marketplace