Do you still take pictures with plastic film? Do you still see film-making giant Kodak around? Within a decade, they are all gone due to digitalization.

With rapid advance of digital technologies, what will future book reading and publishing be? What if readers could read interactive personalized digital books in their own mobile devices? Would publishers still maintain printing facilities and worry about pollutions and contaminations?

The era of digital publishing is coming, it may come faster and fiercer than you think. Are you ready?

At Vividing, we are dedicated to bring you interactive, personalized, mobile first digital books. We are looking for authors and publishers to collaborate and revolutionize the publishing industry.

  • Transform books into interactive digital books
  • Professional art work and design
  • Quick and quality results
  • Faster, cheaper, better for your digital writing needs
  • Entrance to digital marketplace
  • Hosted on cloud
  • Standard Format
  • Most popular frameworks
  • Open system
  • Exam & assessment
  • Easy to create Tooltip, Popover, Tab, Slider, Accordion, Carousel etc.
  • Drag and drop multimedia